Yes, We cover UBER Car

We thoroughly cover UBER and Share ride cars. There are many insurance providers for cars, but they are not protecting you if you are using your vehicle for Share Ride Cover.Car insurance for Uber drivers

Why Choose Us ?

  • Flexible excess levels to help reduce your car insurance premium.
  • Experience – we've been insuring Australians for over eight years
  • We cover your vehicle whether you use for UBER or another ride-share platform
  • With the Loyalty Discount, the more eligible policies you have and the longer you stay with us, the more you can save.

Uber Car insurance Australia

Policy which suits you

There is a confusion between a standard car and UBER car insurance cover. UBER or Any other ride-share vehicle need extra cover to protect you when you need it. You are provided a clear, economically suitable solution to your small UBER business.


We provide various plans and options to pay the premium according to your requirements. We provide a cover according to your cover requirements, and we are flexible to provide you the best prices for the best cover. Call Us on 1300 176 282  for a quotation.

Car insurance for Uber

Car insurance for Uber drivers

Swift Service

Our fast claim process will ensure your car is back on the road as promptly as possible. Our experienced staff will take care your each request/ inquiries professionally and in timely manner.

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We are always happy to discuss all your requirement and need. Please click below to get quick quotes or contact Us. Our representative will be in touch with you within 48 Business hours.

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