Our Mission

To provide the right information about the insurance and provide the right product which can protect you from all incidents and make a difference in your everyday driving experience. UBER car insurance policy is under the microscope with the increase of share ride business. There are many issue related to UBER driver insurance in Australia, which is not addressed properly. In this unclear situation, we want to provide a policy which cover driver and car according Australian legislation.

We believe in Listening and improving

There’s always room for improvement. We listen to own members, and we work hard to deliver it. We think, our member are part of our team, and we work for our team. The happiness of our members is our driving force. When you are driving  for share ride business or for personal use, “you and your”  vehicle are fully covered with our insurance policy which gives you a tremendous peace of mind.

Who We are?

Share Ride Cover Australia was established in response to the rising cost of insurance, in new grown UBER and Share ride industry. With a combined 10 plus years of experience, in the insurance cover industry, their aim is to work together with UBER drives to provide an affordable risk protection product. This would provide discretionary cover specifically for UBER and Share ride vehicles and drivers. Their understanding of the insurance industry and the complexity of share ride cover has given them the knowledge and experience. We create a comprehensive and affordable discretionary cover product for an individual plus Share ride vehicle.


To provide courteous, efficient and timely assistance to our members through the provision of a Fund to Indemnify members in the event of a motor vehicle accident. We are maintaining the highest possible standards and professional integrity.